In solar we trust.

Driving a sustainable future
Driving a sustainable future.

Green Solar International (GSI) is a family-owned, large-scale solar development and investment company with 30+ years of experience and an extensive European network. Our primary area of expertise is developing and investing in solar energy projects, including ground-mounted, rooftop, and specials. Our company's tailored solutions are meticulously crafted, with a strong focus on meeting all stakeholders' requirements within the solar development ecosystem. 

Green Solar International operates from two locations, namely Maastricht, the Netherlands, and Alicante, Spain. The people behind Green Solar International have a proven track record of successfully developing and installing more than 5 GW of solar projects throughout Europe.

Our story

Create and maintain.

We create and maintain solar project portfolios driven by  access to & early-stage identification of attractive opportunities. 


    We advance projects to RTB (Ready To Build) status by identifying suitable solar project sites, assessing grid capacity and access, securing land/roof options, facilitating long-term contracting for 25-30 years, obtaining necessary permits, conducting design and engineering, negotiating power purchase agreements (PPAs), contracting EPC capabilities, conducting financial modeling, and assessing risks.

      Ready to build.

      Having achieved "ready to build" (RTB) status, we would either realize partial asset ownership (co-investing in operational solar parks) and/or sell to investors.

      Want to be part of the movement?.

      Working towards a greener future, one step at a time. Our projects not only contribute to the well-being of our planet but also serve as profitable endeavors for our valued partners and stakeholders, ensuring a stable return on their investments. We actively seek long-term partnerships, offering financing options and even the acquisition of completed projects whenever feasible. We collaborate with banks, investment funds, family-owned businesses, and other visionary investors seeking profitable and sustainable opportunities.